1. Jul 08, 2013

    BREAKING NEWS: Interim Syrian "Prime Minister" Resigns; Ghassan Hitto Was Leader In US Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas

    ... AFP is reporting that Ghassan Hitto, the current... Syria's rebel prime minister Ghassan Hitto announced... achieving its objectives,' Hitto said in an online... More Breaking News

  2. Mar 24, 2013

    New Syrian "Interim Prime Minister" Also ISNA Member

    ... Local media is reporting that GhassanHitto... organizations. According to a NUVO News report: Ghassan... Hitto, who was elected to the post on March 19, holds... More Daily

  3. Sep 17, 2015

    Syrian American Council

    ... Ghassan Hitto also became a national board member of the... More Daily

  4. Mar 19, 2013

    EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Support Leader Chosen By Syrian Opposition To Head Interim Government

    ... U.S. media is reporting that GhassanHitto... Assad's troops.Ghassan Hitto received 35 votes out of... to seeing them soon,' said Hitto, who has lived in... More Daily

  5. Jan 20, 2014

    FEATURED STORY: US Syrian Foundation Tied To Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Sponsors US Tour Of Controversial Sheikh

    ... Shaam Foundation as Ghassan Hitto who resigned in July... Ghassan Hitto also became a national board member of the... Mr. Hitto that include: According to... More Featured

  6. May 07, 2015

    ANALYSIS: How Many US Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Can The New York Times Not Identify?

    ... identified by the NYT were: GhassanHitto, identified in... More Daily

  7. Mar 27, 2013

    U.S. Muslim Brotherhood And Hamas Support Delegation Visit Morocco To Meet Wth Government And Civil Society

    ... Ghassan Hitto,a leader in several U.S. Muslim... More Daily