1. What is the Global Muslim Brotherhood?

For background information on the Global Muslim Brotherhood, see our companion site the Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center (GMBRC). There you will find an overall history and explanation of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, investigative research reports prepared by the GMBRC Director, additional research and analysis in the form of recommended readings, and other relevant information.

2. Why is there is a need for the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch?

As noted above, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is already well known and since the events of the “Arab Spring”, the Egyptian Brotherhood and its Middle Eastern branches have become the subject of a great deal of media attention. Yet, the Global Muslim Brotherhood as such remains almost entirely unknown. Therefore, there exists a need for accurate information about its activities; hence the GMBDW provides a daily, chronological account, free from polemics and backed up with solid, generally public information and presented with historical and other explanatory context.

3. Who has editorial control of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch?

The  GMBDW is the creation of its editor who has sole editorial control of its content.

4. What is the connection between the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch and the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report?

The editor of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (GMBDW) was the sole editor of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report (GMBDR) from its inception in 2007 until mid-April 2013. He subsequently founded the GMBDW, and until April 2, 2014 had no further connection to the GMBDR. On April 2, the GMBDW acquired the domain name for the GMBDR and the two sites have been merged leaving only the GMBDW. (All prior links from the GMBDR will be redirected to the GMBDW and should continue to function as normal.)

5. How can I support the work of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch? 

The most straightforward way of supporting the GMBDW is by making donations which can be made by clicking here or by clicking on the donation button on the home page and in the right-hand column. Any amount will be gratefully accepted and all donations are securely handled by PayPal and can be made either with a PayPal account or with all major credit cards. It is also possible to “subscribe” to the GMBDW by checking the “Make This Recurring” box on the PayPal form. (Subscribers will need a PayPal account which will also allow them to discontinue the subscription at any time and for any reason.) Names of contributors will never be publicly disclosed nor shared with anybody else at any time nor for any reason.
You can also help by feeling free to send us any developments in the Global Muslim Brotherhood that you become aware of and that you would think fit into our outlook and courage. Most valued are local developments which we might never come across on our own. Please use the contact form for this purpose. 
Anything done to further inform the world of our existence would also be of great service. So, feel free to share our postings via email, Twitter, Facebook, or by any means you see fit. There is a Share toolbar at the bottom of every post to assist you if needed.