French Muslim Brotherhood Training Facility Under Investigation


French media is reporting that the Saint-Denis campus of the L’institut Européen des Sciences Humaines (IESH) is under investigation for “breach of trust” and “concealment of breach of trust”. Moreover, the bank accounts of the institute’s director, Ahmed Jaballah, are said to have too few transactions. According to the LeParisien report:

“July 29, 2020 We are in a position to reveal that the IESH, which is not well known to the intelligence services for advocating radical Islam, is the target of a preliminary investigation, opened on 18 June by the public prosecutor’s office in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) for breach of trust, complicity and concealment of this offence. The investigation has been entrusted to the financial squad of the Paris judicial police. […]According to our information, the authorities have reportedly found a discrepancy between the IESH’s turnover and its real estate investments. The justice system is particularly interested in the sources of financing that enabled the discreet construction, in 2018, of a 26-unit student residence in La Courneuve for 2 million euros. The university campus project is also in the crosshairs. […] The authorities are questioning several recent financial transfers between Gulf countries, Kuwait and Qatar, and the IESH.  [Google Translation].

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In June, the GMBDW reported that the Saint-Denis campus of IESH had been closed by a decision of the local government last year.

IESH is an educational and imam-training facility in France associated with the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe,  and its French member the Union des Organisations Islamiques de France. IESH has several branches across Europe, notably in France, the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Finland, and can be seen as an attempt of the Global Muslim Brotherhood to create its own educational infrastructure in Europe to train future imams and teachers based on own its ideology. According to unpublished GMBDW research on IESH in the UK:

Many of the individuals, organizations and companies identified in this report are also tied to the Brotherhood around the world. All of the known donors to the EIHS are also associated with the GMB as are its current physical locations. The EIHS functions as a recruitment, indoctrination, and/or cadre training organization for the MB in the UK and elsewhere.

Many of the teachers and students associated with IESH have a history of extremism.

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