1. Mar 08, 2009

    ICNA Ad Campaign Expands To San Francisco

    ... Bus Ad campaign, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW!, is started on... here for more info on ICNA. The ICNA Bus Ad.... Previous posts have discussed similar ad campaigns in... More Daily

  2. Dec 09, 2015

    OBITUARY: Dr. Ahmad Sakr- One Of The Founders Of The Muslim Student Association

    ...) has announced the death of  Dr. Ahmad... of Dr. Ahmad Sakr, who passed away last night in... More Obituary

  3. Jul 27, 2009

    U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Publishes Directory Of Experts

    ... ScientistsNorth America (AMSS-NA). Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D... discourse. Dr. Ahmad noted that the experts in the....Dr. Ahmad said that he sponsoring organizations are... More Daily

  4. Nov 26, 2013

    Islamic Circle of North America Expands Ad Campaign To Mexico

    Islamic media is reporting that theIslamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has expanded what is calls its awareness campaign to Mexico following its roll out in the US. According... More Daily

  5. Dec 04, 2007

    Muslim Brotherhood Organizations Issue More Condemnations Of Actions By Islamic Governments

    ... appalling. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad of the Minaret of Freedom... More Daily

  6. Sep 14, 2009

    IIIT Holds Discussion On Islamic Studies in American Universities.

    ... Study of Islam and Democracy) Imad-ad-Dean... Ahmad, PhD, Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland... More Daily

  7. Oct 02, 2007

    ANALYSIS: U.S. Brotherhood Sponsors Efforts To Deal With Sunni-Shiite Tensions

    ... signed the document: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad (the Minaret of... More Analysis

  8. Oct 27, 2008

    Group Allied With U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Expands Public Transport Ad Campaign To Chicago

    ... when the Chicagoan teacher saw a simple ad on a... ad. "How to become a member of Islam was my primary... Islam ad campaign of GainPeace, a Chicago area... More Daily

  9. Jul 21, 2008

    Unindicted Co-conspirator In World Trade Center Bombing Behind New York City Subway Ad Campaign

    ... More Daily

  10. Jan 18, 2009

    U.S. Department Of State Sponsors Visits Of German Muslims to U.S Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

    ... it. Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad briefed the group on the... More Daily