1. Oct 13, 2010

    American University Students Visit IIIT; Professor Former CAIR Research Director

    ... (IIIT) has announced that American University students... American University in Washington, D.C. He led a group of... following profile of American University Professor Mohamed... More Daily

  2. Mar 15, 2011

    US/Canadian Muslim Brotherhoods Fund Islamic Chair At Canadian University

    ... North America (ISNA), the Council on American Islamic... Huron University College - the first Chair in Islamic... University College Islamic Chair. Previous posts have also... More Daily

  3. Mar 05, 2009

    IIIT Announces Scholarships For The International Islamic University in Malaysia

    ... Muslim Student Society, the North American Islamic... International Islamic University in Malaysia (IIUM) to provide... agreement with the International Islamic University in... More Daily

  4. Sep 17, 2015

    Syrian American Council

    ... Syrian American Council (SAC), the second sponsor of... organization for the empowerment of Syria Americans to...Louay Safi, a Syrian-American fellow at Georgetown... More Daily

  5. Jan 17, 2015

    American Muslims for Palestine

    ... TheAmerican Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is a... describes theAMP as follows:American Muslims for Palestine... Americans about 'the just cause of Palestine and the... More

  6. Sep 14, 2009

    IIIT Holds Discussion On Islamic Studies in American Universities.

    ... status of Islamic Studies in American Universities... "the status and future of Islamic Studies in American... the status and future of Islamic Studies in American... More Daily

  7. May 09, 2012

    Former CSID Board Chairman Appointed As IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies At George Mason University

    ... associated with IIIT, the American Muslim Council, and the... TheInternational Institute of Islamic...Abdulaziz Sachedina as theIIIT Chair in Islamic Studies at the Ali... More Daily

  8. Oct 17, 2016

    Dutch Islamic University Tied To Global Muslim Brotherhood Participates In President Obama's "Campus Challenge"- University Rector Has Disparaged Kurds, Armenians, Homosexuals, And Jews

    ... The Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR) has... Islamic University of Rotterdam starts with cooperation... as a lecturer at the Islamic University of... More Daily

  9. Oct 05, 2010

    EXCLUSIVE: American Islamic College Reopens; Closely Tied To Saudi Arabia and Global Muslim Brotherhood

    ....The American Islamic College, in a Prairie modern brick... the "first Islamic university in the US" and at one... Local media has reported that the American... More Daily

  10. May 26, 2010

    First American Muslim College Accepting Applications

    ... of Islam who are a product of an American education... president of the American Muslims for Palestine. Dr.... One of the other officers of the American Muslims... More Daily