1. Nov 24, 2019

    Shenandoah University Hosts Colloquium Named After US Muslim Brotherhood Founder

    ... the now-defunct SAAR Foundation, a network of... SAAR Foundation was established in 1983 by... More Daily

  2. Oct 17, 2019

    Virginia University Is New Center For The US Muslim Brotherhood

    ... now defunct SAAR Foundation, a network of Islamic... SAAR Foundation, In addition to the Barzinji Project..., introduced as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial... More Daily

  3. Oct 01, 2019

    Founder of US Muslim Brotherhood Acknowledged To Have Founded UK Islamic Student Federation

    ... Institute of Islamic Thought IIIT and the SAAR Foundation... linked to SAAR were raided by federal authorities in a... More Daily

  4. Oct 17, 2016

    Dutch Islamic University Tied To Global Muslim Brotherhood Participates In President Obama's "Campus Challenge"- University Rector Has Disparaged Kurds, Armenians, Homosexuals, And Jews

    ... associated with the now defunct SAAR Foundation, a network... More Daily

  5. May 31, 2016

    CSID Awards "Muslim Democrat Of the Year" Award To CSID Founders- Jamal Barzinji And Taha Al-Alwani Long Associated With Extremist Organizations

    ... now defunctSAAR Foundation, a network of Islamic..., introduced as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation... More Daily

  6. Oct 25, 2015

    US Muslim Brotherhood To Establish Consortium on Islamic Higher Education in North America

    ... the now defunct SAAR Foundation, a network of... More Daily

  7. Oct 11, 2015

    OBITUARY: Jamal Al-Barzinji, Founding Father Of The US Muslim Brotherhood

    ..., SAAR Foundation, Bank Islam Malaysia, Dean of School... friends."IIIT was associated with the now defunctSAAR... the holy Land Foundation trial, included IIIT in... More Obituary

  8. May 07, 2015

    Israel Security Service Says Hamas Training Palestinian Students In Malaysia As Military Operatives

    ... individualsinvolved in the now defunct SAAR Foundation, an extensive... financing. He and other SAAR officers were involved in... More Daily

  9. Hany El-Banna
  10. Jan 19, 2015

    FEATURED: Global Muslim Brotherhood Part Of 2016 UN Charity Summit; UK Charity Commission Advises Organizer

    ..., formerdirectorof the ICCO,bagmanfor theSAAR Foundation) Abdul... Relief Worldwide -see above Foundation for Human... GMB Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation - (closeto... More Arabic Media, Daily, Featured

  11. Jan 17, 2015

    AbdulHamid Abu Sulayman

    ... defunct SAAR Foundation, a network of Islamic... Arabia, (1982-84)Initial Board of Directors SAAR... Foundation (1983)Founding member of The Association of... More