1. Nov 12, 2009

    Jamal Badawi Chastises West Over Fort Hood Shooting Reaction

    ... U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi has... More Daily

  2. Jul 25, 2007

    CAIR Canada Dinner Attended By High Ranking Public Officials

    ... leader of CAIR/Canada is Jamal Badawi who is also a... More Daily

  3. Sep 02, 2007

    Fiqh Council Of North America Acknowledges Its Relationship To European Counterpart

    ... global network, including Jamal Badawi who has been... Brotherhood. Two individuals known to be ECFR members, Jamal... Badawi and Solah Soltan, are also associated with the... More Daily

  4. Sep 15, 2007

    Muslim Brotherhood Leader Lectures On Jihad

    ... terrorism, US. Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi... misunderstood: ..Dr. Jamal Badawi, a prominent author and... More Daily

  5. Oct 24, 2013

    US Muslim Brotherhood Leader Scheduled To Speak At Tennessee Mosque

    ... Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi is scheduled to speak in...." Jamal Badawi is a leader in many of the most important... Islamic speaker, former Canadian professor Dr. Jamal... More Daily

  6. Jun 20, 2007

    ICNA Announces Annual Conference

    ... Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Imam W. Deen... More Daily

  7. Jul 24, 2007

    ICNA-MAS Convention Held In Hartford, CT

    ... prominent featured speakers at the convention was Jamal... Badawi who has been identified both as an MAS board... More Daily

  8. Dec 29, 2009

    8th Annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention Features Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

    ... speakers are Jamal Badawi, Hamza Yusuf, Tariq Ramadan... America (ISNA) convention in the US. Jamal Badawi is... More Daily

  9. Jan 24, 2008

    Muslim Brotherhood Leader To Debate Christian Pastor And Former Muslim

    ....S. Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi will be debating... Tulsa, and Jamal Badawi, a member of the Islamic... More Daily

  10. May 08, 2014

    US Muslim Brotherhood Leader May Be Subject Of US Senator's Inquiry

    ... was behind the 9/11 attacks.' Jamal Badawi, a member... in America in 1981. Read the rest here. Jamal... Badawi is a leader in many of the most important Global... More Daily