1. Jun 27, 2007

    Al Taqwa Bank Founder Receives Token Award in Civil Lawsuit

    ... investigation into Al Taqwa Management, founded by Nada in... with Al Taqwa were designated Specially Designated... support of Al Qaida. The 76-year-old Nada, a longtime... More Daily

  2. Dec 03, 2007

    Al Taqwa Leader Loses Bid To Be Removed From Swiss Terror List

    ... involved in the Al Taqwa Bank. Numerous Muslim... Prosecutor to drop the charges against him and Al Taqwa.... The U.S. has accused Al Taqwa of helping to finance... More Daily

  3. Aug 12, 2007

    ANALYSIS: Holy Land Documents Point to Hamas/Al Taqwa Relationship

    .../Hamas entities in the U.S and the defunct Al Taqwa Bank, headed... within the Al Taqwa Bank and designated along with the... identified to date. The Al-Taqwa bank was accused of... More Analysis

  4. Sep 16, 2007

    Former Al-Taqwa Bank Employee Featured In Swiss Seminar

    ... now-defunct Al Taqwa Bank. Al Taqwa, which had both... is actually known about the Al Taqwa's operations... a Bahamas-registered bank and a Swiss corporate... More Daily

  5. Nov 17, 2007

    U.N. And U.S. Remove Bank Al-Taqwa Figure From Terror List

    ... the founders of Bank Al-Taqwa, associated chiefly... Nada's claim that the records of Bank Al Taqwa were... banks and companies. Nasreddin was born in Ethiopia... More Daily

  6. Jul 24, 2007

    Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Acquitted Of Terrorism Charges In Italy

    ... infamous and now-defunct Al Taqwa Bank located "offshore... was not involved with Al Taqwa Bank. Nada has.... Prosecution of Nada and Al Taqwa has also been dropped in... More Daily

  7. Jan 17, 2015

    Youssef Nada

    ... founders and majority shareholders of the notoriousAl-TaqwaBank... luminaries held shares in the bank, including the bank... business in accord with Islamic principles. The bank... More

  8. Nov 24, 2007

    Youssef Nada Video Testimony Now Online

    ... for his role in the defunct Al Taqwa Bank, was to... circumstantial evidence to link Mr. Nada and Al Taqwa to... evidence has ever been produced. Both Nada and another Al-Taqwa... More Daily

  9. Jan 17, 2008

    Islamic Charity At the Center Of Congressman's Arrest Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

    ... defunct Al-Taqwa bank, headed by Muslim Brotherhood...-supported Afghan leader with ties to Al Qaeda and the Taleban... in 2004 that Al-Aqsa Belgium was reportedly linked... More Daily

  10. Nov 16, 2007

    Council of Europe Will Debate Blacklists, Youssef Nada Case To Be Highlighted

    ... the infamous and now-defunct Al Taqwa Bank located... Saddam Hussein. Prosecution of Nada and Al Taqwa has..., Himmat, Nasreddin, and Al Taqwa remain on the U.S. and... More Daily