Youssef Nada Video Testimony Now Online


A recent news report indicated that Swiss Senator Dick Marty, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur, was expected to present his highly critical report on the United Nations Security Council and European Union blacklists of groups and individuals linked to terrorism. The report indicated that Youssef Nada, the Muslim Brotherhood leader best known for his role in the defunct Al Taqwa Bank, was to give video testimony of his experience and how “he had been wrongly accused of funding the most prominent terrorist attack in history.” Mr. Nada’s video testimony is now available online and although he gives no new information, it may be useful to those who have never hear Mr. Nada speak as well as giving an interesting look at the inside of Mr. Nada’s home. Previous posts have noted that although there is substantial circumstantial evidence to link Mr. Nada and Al Taqwa to terrorism, most if not all of it relates to Muslim Brotherhood supported groups such as Hamas an no hard evidence has ever been produced. Both Nada and another Al-Taqwa figure were recently acquitted in Italy of terrorism financing charges and the Swiss investigation was dropped in June for lack of evidence.

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