French Imam Facing Expulsion Defended Strongly By Muslim Brotherhood In France


French media is reporting that a “Salafist” imam who has give sermons supporting Mujahideen and denouncing Israel and the United States will appear before a French court on December 3 which will decide on his expulsion from France. One report states that Ilyes Hacene, “known for his commitment to the advancement of Salafi ideology” is being supported by a variety of Islamic organizations in France but particularly strongly by the Union des organisations islamiques en France (UOIF), generally regarded as the Muslim Brotherhood in France. The report states that UOIF President Lhaj Thami Brèze has asserted that the imam is “falsely accused”, that he knows Hacene personally, and that he is gathering documents and witnesses for his defense. Should Hacene be expelled from France, he would be the 16th such person to be so adjudicated since 2001 according to the report.

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