Bosnian Grand Mufti Criticized For Calling For Bosnian Muslim Majority State


According to the Croatian news agency the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, affiliated with the global Muslim Brotherhood, recently made a statement calling for “the organization of Bosnia-Hercegovina as a Bosniak [Bosnian Muslim] majority state.” According to the report, the statement by Mustafa Ceric was criticized by two Croatian political parties who compared Ceric’s position to that of late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic and who stated that “It destroys the equality of the three constituent peoples and the multiethnicity of Bosnia-Hercegovina.” What was described as “the most influential Croatian-language broadcasting network in Bosnia-Hercegovina” said in an editorial comment that Ceric’s statement “might lead to radicalisation of the political situation in the country.” The report also noted that the office of the international community’s High Representative to Bosnia-Hercegovina also condemned Ceric’s statement, saying that it “was provoking political instability in the country.”

Ceric is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood through his membership in the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the theological body led by global Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and various posts have discussed his role in various affairs such as a possible misappropriation of charity funds and in a dispute between rival Islamic factions in Serbia as well as other matters. There is evidence that Ceric seems himself as a possible leader of European Islam and the possibility also exists that he could be being groomed as a successor to Youssef Qaradawi himself.

Source: BBC Monitoring Europe – Political November 2, 2007 Friday “Bosnian Croat party condemns Islamic leader’s Muslim homeland remarks” Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1759 gmt 2 Nov 07

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