U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Will Benefit From Split In Respect Coalition


U.K media has reported that the Respect Party, a coalition of far-left groups and the U.K Muslim Brotherhood, has split with rival party conferences being held in different parts of London. A previous post has discussed what appears to have been a falling out between maverick politician George Galloway and the Socialist Workers Party, both important players in the so-called Respect Unity Coalition, a U.K. political party whose members included Galloway, the Socialist Worker’s Party (SWP), and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), formerly the most important Muslim Brother organization in the U.K. As noted in that post, a far left-left organization views the tension between Galloway and the SWP as a product of Galloway’s desire to focus more on developing a Muslim constituency. In the latest development, Galloway has launched a new movement called Respect Renewal which, according to another left-wing analyst, will “strengthen the weight of the Islamists in Respect Renewal, some of whom have links to Jamaat-e-Islami” The Respect Party, launched three years ago, was estimated to have had about 2,000 members before the current split and helped to elect Mr Galloway as a Respect MP. The Respect coalition was also the sponsor of the February 2003 anti-Iraq war demonstration in London, reported by police to have been the largest demonstration ever held in the U.K.

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