Suspect In Belgian Terrorism Trial Reported To Be Close To Muslim Brotherhood


A Belgian newspaper has described one of the suspects in a current Belgian terrorism trial as “close to the Muslim Brothers.” 32 year-old Nabil Karmun is one of six suspects currently on trial for their alleged participation in a network which sent suicide bombers to Iraq. According to the translated news report:

This resident of Molenbeek (Brussels suburb) is accused of being one of the key figures in the network. According to State Security, which had its eyes on him long before Muriel Degauque blew herself up in Iraq, he is close to the Muslim Brothers. And he is said to have lost his job as a “steward” (neighborhood security helper) in a Brussels municipality for using it as an occasion for engaging in proselytism.

No further details on Karmun’s connection to the Brotherhood were provided and one intelligence source in Belgium says that he is doubtful about that Karmun has any such association.

(Source: “Belgian Judge Interrogates Terrorism Suspect Affiliated with Muslim Brothers” Report by Christophe Lamfalussy: “Unemployed and Globetrotters, But Not Terrorists” La Libre Belgique Tuesday, October 30, 2007 T16:03:35Z Document Type: OSC Translated Text)

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