1. May 06, 2014

    12th Palestinians in Europe Conference Features The Usual Lineup

    ... operative) Mohamed Hanoun, (ABSPP in Italy,Union of Good... More Daily

  2. Nov 11, 2013

    FEATURED STORY: Global Muslim Brotherhood Meets In Istanbul To Discuss Palestinian Refugees In Syria

    ... Hanoun (Italian leader of a Hamas support network... Al-Zeer (Palestinian Return Centre) Hanoun... interest were present at the workshop: Dr. Mohammed... More Daily, Featured

  3. Apr 06, 2017

    Rotterdam Mayor Refuses To Block Hamas Support Conference

    ... Brotherhood and/or Hamas: Mohamed Hanoun, (ABSPPin Italy... More Daily

  4. Jul 25, 2017

    Global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Says It Is Behind European Protests Over Al-Aqsa Mosque

    ... thegroupisMohammed Hanoun, identified by the GMBDW in 2010... More Daily

  5. Aug 14, 2017

    Does the US State Department Understand Who They Are Talking To- Do They Care?

    ... Brotherhood/Hamas. The Presidentof thegroupisMohammed Hanoun... More Daily