12th Palestinians in Europe Conference Features The Usual Lineup


Various media are reporting on the 12 annual Palestinians in Europe Conference held this year in Paris on May 3 under the title “A United Palestine for the Promise of Return.” According to a report published by the Palestinian Return Centre:

Pal_in_Europe_ConferenceThe 12th Palestinians in Europe Conference in Paris, France commenced its activities on Saturday 3rd May 2014. The conference is organized by the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, the Palestinian Return Centre in London and the Palestinian Forum in France

The one-day conference is held under the slogan, “A united Palestine for the Promise of Return”

This year’s conference host a number of key guests including politicians and diplomats such as former Jordanian primer Tahir al Masri, speaker of the Palestinian parliament, Dr. Aziz Dwaik and vice chair of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly Constituent Assembly.

Additionally, Palestinian ambassador to France, Hayel Al Fahom, Bishop Riyah abu Al Asal, Dr. Hani Al Masri from Masarat Research Centre, Mr. Abdallah Bin Mansour, chairman of federation of Islamic organizations in Europe and Omar al asfar and Intisar Abas, member of General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference.

Others also participated in the event and delivered a number of workshops and speeches concerning many of the Palestinian affairs.

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As in past years, conference speakers included numerous individuals tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and /or Hamas including:

  • Aziz Dweik (Hamas legislator)

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), the main sponsor of the conference, has many ties to the Global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas and past Palestinians in Europe conferences have featured other leaders of the Global Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas. For example,  the 2009 conference was addressed via video link by Gaza Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and the 2008 Conference featured former US. Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Akram Al-Adlouni who is close to Youssef QaradawiNihad Awad of the US Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was also invited to speak at the 2008 conference.

For another report on the conference from a Union of Good website, go here.

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