RECOMMENDED READING: The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Canada/USA)”


Terrorism analyst Tom Quiggin has published a new and comprehensive report on the Muslim Brotherhood in North America with an emphasis on Canada. The report concludes:

  • Canada has a significant presence of Muslim Brotherhood adherent individuals and organizations. Their values and actions are frequently the antithesis of the Canadian Constitution, values and law.  Despite statements to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood considers itself above local laws and national constitutions.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of settlement and the ‘process of civilization jihad’ has proven effective.  The long term aim is to globally impose a virulent form of political Islam to the exclusion of other faiths or systems.
  • Internationally, the Muslim Brotherhood is realigning under pressure as old alliances crumble and opportunities arise. An aggressive posture is re-emerging which has used extensive political violence in the past. 
  • The policy and process of denial is deeply rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Muslim Brotherhood adherent groups should not be given governmental accreditation, access to public grants nor should they have charity status.
  • Canada’s stance against Muslim Brotherhood adherent organizations in recent years has been more aggressive than the USA, especially in financial areas.”

The GMBDW welcomes this highly useful report which, among other things, draws from the Hudson report on the US Muslim Brotherhood written by the GMBDW editor.

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