New Report Says Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Deported By Qatar Arrived In Libya


Media in the UAE reported last week that dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders were deported by Qatar and have arrived in Libya. According to a Gulf News report:

April 25, 2014 Dubai: Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders reportedly deported by Qatar have arrived in Libya, a London-based daily said.

The leaders have landed at Maeetiqiya international airport in the Libyan capital over three days, Libyan political, military and security sources told Al Arab newspaper.

They were ferried away to unidentified places in cars waiting at the airport located around 11km west of Tripoli and dominated by an armed Islamist group, the sources added.

According to the daily, Qatar has been looking for a country that would host the senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood following intense pressure by fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries — Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE — to change its policy of supporting the movement.

The three countries on March 5 pulled out their ambassadors from Doha to protest against what was seen as Qatar’s meddling in their domestic affairs and its backing of the Islamist movement rejected by some GCC countries as an illegal organisation.”

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The GMBDW notes that there have been a myriad of reports about the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders relocating to various countries around the world. For example, a source has told us that many Muslim Brotherhood leaders fled to Sudan after the deposition of Mohammed Morsi. The International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood was in 2013 reported to be relocating to Tunisia and recently another report, now denied, says that that it was moving its headquarters to Graz in Austria. At this point we believe it prudent to let the dust settle in connection with recent events before drawing any firm conclusions about new geographic centers of Muslim Brotherhood activity.

For analysis and background on the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, go here and here.

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