Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Backs Palestinian Reconciliation


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has posted a statement on recent moves by Hamas and Fatah toward reconciliation. The statement in full reads:

3543827_370May 27, 2014 We applaud the achievement of the Palestinian national reconciliation and the imminent announcement of the Palestinian unity government. We believe this is an important step on the road to protect the Palestinian national liberation project.

We call on all Palestinian parties to build on this reconciliation, to look forward, put behind all differences of the past, focus on the liberation effort, and beware of heinous plots and treasonous conspiracies against Palestinian unity, which Zionists and their allies have always endeavored to prevent or stall.

We call on all Arab and Muslim countries as well as all countries of the free world to aid this reconciliation and support the State of Palestine. We further call on the Arab League to seek to achieve the promise of financial support made by League member states for Palestine, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa during a number of summits.”

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