1. Jan 17, 2015

    International Islamic Charitable Organization

    ...)International Islamic Relief Organization(Saudi Islamist charity)Qatar... Charitable Organization (Union of Good,Hamas fundraising... The International Islamic Charity Organization... More

  2. Mar 23, 2011

    Qaradawi Attends Qatar Charity Event Establishing New Hospital In Libya

    ... Qaradawi was in attendance at a Qatar Charity event to.... Gulf media is reporting that Qatar Charity has... a Gulf Times report: DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC) has... More Daily

  3. Aug 27, 2014

    BREAKING NEWS: Turkish Charity Central To 2010 Gaza Flotilla Signs Cooperation Agreement With Qatar

    ... Turkish IHH organization, and Qatar Charity CEO Yousef..., Qatar. The agreement will bring both organizations...-Qaeda through his organization. Qatar, in turn, is a major... More Breaking News

  4. May 22, 2012

    Qaradawi Organization Raising Funds For Islamic Endowment

    ... accredited to Qatar and businessmen. Sheikh Abdurrahman bin... being played by Qatar in the service of Islam and.... Based in Qatar, Sheikh Qaradawi has reportedly amassed... More Daily

  5. Jul 28, 2016

    Israel Approves $30 Million From Qatar To Hamas Employees In Gaza; Action Undercuts Years Of Work Against Global Muslim Brotherhood Charities

    ... reported that Qatar will be providing $30 million to help...: Jul 23, 2016 - DOHA Qatar said on Thursday it would... Qatar's regular donations to Hamas and other Islamist... More Daily

  6. Jan 08, 2014

    Kuwaiti Charity Tied To Global Muslim Brotherhood To Cordinate Kuwait's Aid To Syrian Refugess

    ... charity) Qatar Charitable Organization (Union of Good... Kuwaiti charitable organizations and non... that more than 30 Kuwaiti charitable organizations... More Daily

  7. Oct 24, 2018

    OBITUARY: Abd al-Rahman Siwar al-Dhahab- Top Deputy Of Youssef Qaradawi

    ... organizations have included the Qatar Charitable Organization... (MWL), a quasi governmental religious organization in... of Trustees of the Islamic Call Organization in... More Obituary

  8. Aug 11, 2008

    Qatari Conglomerate Supports Islamic News Portal Affiliated With Global Muslim Brotherhood

    ... organization across Qatar. BusinessWeek describes NBK as a... Qatar. In its early stages the project was supported... by the University of Qatar, particularly by Sheikh... More Daily

  9. Hany El-Banna
  10. Jan 19, 2015

    FEATURED: Global Muslim Brotherhood Part Of 2016 UN Charity Summit; UK Charity Commission Advises Organizer

    ... United Nations: The Qatar Charity has organized... in Gaza and the West Bank initiated by the Qatar... workshop was opened by the Director of Qatar Charity... More Arabic Media, Daily, Featured

  11. Jun 15, 2017

    Sudanese Brotherhood Has No Plans To Change Its Name

    ... Qatar to renounce its support of theMuslim Brotherhood... with Qatar, accusing it of destabilizing the region...Muslim Brotherhood in the Sudan has said that his organization will... More Daily