Hussein El-Kazzaz

Various sources identify Hussein El-Kazzaz as an economic advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. (FJP) and in August, Egyptian media identified him as a Muslim Brotherhood member and one of the President’s consulting team. According to Egyptian media, Dr. El-Kazzaz is also the “intellectual driving force” behind the Brotherhood’s Nahda (Renaissance) Project and member of the project’s steering committee chaired by influential Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater. The same media report says Dr. El-Kazzaz also runs the Mada International Academy, described as a nursery school that is the project’s educational pilot scheme that Dr. El-Haddad hopes to be introduced on a “ mass, affordable scale.” According to various sources, Dr. Hussein spent his childhood and early adult life in Egypt and graduated with a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Alexandria University. He continued his studies of organizational behavior in the U.S. obtaining an MBA and PHD in organizational behavior from Ohio State University during 1981-1988.  Dr. Hussein subsequently returned to Egypt where he taught at Alexandria University for 5 years before joining SKOPOS Consulting.