Majed Al-Zeer

Very little is known about Majed Al-Zeer. According to an Israeli NGO close to the country’s military intelligence, al-Zeer is one of three PRC trustees that are Hamas activists who sought refuge in Britain in the 1990’s but who do not admit links to Hamas to avoid complications with British law. An Israeli Defense Force document also notes:

In November 2008, Damascus hosted the Arab International Congress for the Right of Return. During this conference, Majed al-Zeer sat on the honorary guest podium next to Khaled Mashal, Mahatir Mohamad (former president of Malaysia who is known for numerous anti-Semitic statements) and Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur  (Iranian official who played a definitive role in the creation of Hezbollah). A public declaration made by the Congress expressed support for the implementation of an “active resistance culture”, first and foremost as the “optimal way to realize the Palestinian right of return”.

In November 2013, he was prevented from entering Jordan for undisclosed reasons.