Muslim Brotherhood Speaker Gives Dubai Talk On Science And The Quran



An Islamic news agency has reported that Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar, an important yet largely unknown figure in the global Muslim Brotherhood, spoke at a Dubai cultural forum attended by a member of the Dubai ruling family. According to the report:

Muslims should not only recite the Holy Quran on a regular basis, but also deeply reflect over its verses, observed the renowned Egyptian scholar and professor Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar. The scientific discoveries mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 1429 years ago, and the miraculous aspects of the Holy Book reflect its credibility and uniqueness, stressed Dr. El Naggar, Earth Sciences Professor, Fellow and Head of Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran Section in the Islamic Academy of Sciences. The professor was speaking at the cultural program of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. Present at the lecture were Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai’s Culture & Arts Authority, and Ibrahim Bu Melha, Chairman of DIHQA organizing committee. “Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said the sun and the moon will be rolled on the doomsday. It has been proven recently that the moon is moving away from the earth 3-4cm every year,” he said. “This means there will be no more gravity to keep the moon orbiting the globe, and the sun will fully swallow it. They shall then become one unit like a ball, and this means the end of the world.” “Modern science has proved that all stars have a life cycle. They first lose their shine and then become totally dim. When all stars die or become dim, it means the end of the world,” he said. “Who taught the Holy Prophet these recently-discovered, fascinating and scientific facts? He is the One, God Almighty,” he said

Dr. El-Naggar is most famous in the Islamic world as a proponent of “Bucailleism”, a kind of Islamic creationism that sees in the Koran signs of future scientific breakthroughs. According to a 2002 WSJ article , Dr. El-Naggar is also the mentor of Sheikh Abdul Majeed Zindani who is wanted by the United States in connection with his support of Al Qaeda in Yemen and is also said to be the “spiritual mentor” for Osama Bin Laden. Dr. El-Naggar was extensively profiled in a previous post.

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