Qaradawi Renews Attacks On Shiites


An Egyptian newspaper has reported that Youssef Qaradawi, perhaps the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood, has made more comments warning about the dangers of Shiite “expansion” to the Sunni community. According to the report:

Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi Chairman of “World Federation of Muslim Scholars,” warning of the risk of expansion Shiite Sunni communities, as a dangerous threat to the identity of the Sunni countries, strongly criticized the acceleration of the steps to export the Iranian revolution to the countries of the region, and called for addressing this threat. The Qaradawi during a press statement on the sidelines of his participation at the Islamic Research Academy in Cairo, which concluded its work yesterday, a total rejection of Iran’s efforts to spread Shi’ism which should stand him in a strong and highly aware of risks. He drew his speech to the leaders of Iran: “We are the Sunnis and the group, we believe we are on the right, and we believe that the doctrine of the right, however, do not want in the dissemination of doctrine among the Shiites do not want to turn the Shiites as sought by Iran.” He continued: We have supported the Iranian revolution against the might and tyranny, but we were shocked when it revealed about the Revolution and the sectarian and efforts to extend outside the territory of Iran, and work on the funeral of the year in neighboring countries, urging Iran to desist from such schemes if they seek normal relations with Arab countries.

As the newspaper observes, Qaradawi was embroiled in controversy last year over similar remarks:

Qaradawi was warned in remarks he made last September by the threat of growing Shiite tide in Sunni communities, said that the “menace lies in the attempt to invade the Sunni community, who are preparing for that with their billions of wealth and cadres trained to approach the Shiite proselytizing in the country, especially the Sunni the Sunni community has no immunity against the cultural invasion, Shiite. ”

As earlier posts discussed, Qaradawi’s comments initiated a firestorm in the Muslim world and he was heavily criticized, not only by the Shiite community but also by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its Supreme Guide. Knowledgeable sources reported at the time that Qaradawi was likely motivated by pressure from the Saudis as well as by his desire to set himself above the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its leader. Qaradawi has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Saudis and Gulf leaders and is far more important to the global Muslim Brotherhood than the Egyptian “mother” organization which has appeared to move closer to Iran of late.

It remains to be seen whether or not Qaradawi’s latest attack on Shiites will provoke another round of condemnation.

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