U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Figure Proposes Hospitals For Violent Extremists; Suggests Qaradawi As Therapist


In an interview with London-based Quds Press Agency, Kemal Al-Helbawy (aka Helbawi) suggested that violent Islamic radicals be treated in hospitals where they would conduct dialog with figures such as global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi. Reacting to the recent release of Britain’s new security strategy, Dr. El-Helbawy said

I reiterate that the West, with these methods, will not succeed in fighting terror, extremism, radicalism, or violence. There has to be a strategy of dialogue, which must be conducted with esteemed ulema and scholars, who can convince those extremists and people who embrace violence and terrorism, if they are from among the Muslims, that this path leads them to Hell and does not take them to Heaven. This is because when Muslims carry out a terrorist operation, they seek to go to Heaven. That is why they have to be convinced that the path of violence is not the path of the prophets and does not lead to Heaven and only leads to Hell. This cannot be done by politicians in Britain or by security or the institutions that are created by security or prisons. The ones who can do this are the ulema and scholars.” Al-Hilbawi proposed an integral plan, which he described as more effective than security methods. He said: “My suggestion, as a man who is interested in the affairs of Muslims and society as a whole to be free from violence, terrorism, and radicalism, is dialogue. Those who are afflicted with violence and terrorism should have special hospitals and special places for dialogue so as to disavow these abnormal ideas. There should be places for dialogue between esteemed scholars, such as Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is not allowed to come to Britain, and other scholars to convince those extremists that the path of terrorism does not lead to Heaven.

Dr. El-Helbawy also took the opportunity to suggest that Muslims were being incriminated for opposing homosexuality

“I am afraid that this strategy might provoke a large number of Muslims, including those who have nothing to do with political Islam, because the strategy affects the core of their creed. For example, the question of homosexuality, which is a controversial issue, is not approved by priests or the Pope. Also, it does not agree with the ethics of Jesus Christ, who is above these flaws. Whether the West is Christian or Muslim, this thing is against the same creed and correct practices in Christianity and Islam. There is a difference between the parliament approving of the right of homosexuals based on freedom of opinion and belief and security incriminating those who do not believe in it.”

According to his own CV, Dr. El-Helbawy was the past European spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood; one of the founders of the World Assembly For Muslim Youth (WAMY), a Saudi religious organization closely tied to the global Brotherhood; and also one of the founders of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), a leading U.K. Muslim Brotherhood group. In October, El-Helbawy defended the terrorist targeting of Israeli children on the grounds that they were “future soldiers.”. He is currently the director of the London-based Center for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) which purports to be a think-tank describing itself as follows:

…an independent research and consultancy organisation, dedicated to the in-depth study of Islamic resurgence, democratisation and extremism in the Muslim world. Working with high-quality primary sources, CFSOT delivers unique information and analysis to its clients. The centre publishes a monthly journal and provides training and courses on terrorism-related issues as well as bespoke consultancy services.

In October 2006, the U.S. government prevented Dr. Al-Helbawy from attending an NY conference on the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. A previous post reported that the University of London is paying Dr. Al-Helbawy and a leader of Hezbollah to teach a course on political Islam aimed at the government and police.

As for the idea of creating hospital where violent extremists could meet with Youssef Qaradawi, it should be noted that Dr. Qaradawi was probably the most important figure in providing religious justifications for suicide bombings in Israel and Iraq and has advocated the death penalty for homosexuals.

(Source: BBC Monitoring Middle East – Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring March 28, 2009 Saturday UK activist cited on “new security strategy”, urges dialogue to face “radicals” Text of report by London-based independent Quds Press web news agency [“Al-Hilbawi: Dialogue With Ulema Is the Best Way to Face Radicals in Britain” – Quds Press headline]

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