Zaghloul El-Naggar Makes Further Anti-Semitic Remarks


An Egyptian newspaper has reported on anti-Semitic comments made by Muslim Brotherhood figure Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar. Muslim World News has provided the following summary of the remarks made at a book signing for Dr. El-Naggar’s new book:

El-Naggar has warned about repeated Zionist attempts to invade Arab and Islamic ideologies using Western culture and the Rotary and Lions clubs. He claims to have discovered that the “Zionist embassy” in Egypt is mailing a book called “The children of Abraham ” to Egyptian homes. The book is said to claim that the Jews are the Chosen People and discounts the Quranic phrases that speak about their corruption. All this is said to be done with security and official authorities remaining quiet. El-Naggar also reaffirmed that for Arab and Islamic states to recognize the mad Zionist entity is a “crime and treachery” in the blood of the shuhada, and goes against steadfast Islamic belief. He implied that no normalisation or any kind of agreement is possible with this cancer-like entity, rather the path of jihad is the only way to confront it. El-Naggar also criticised the Egyptian regime for continuously sticking to the Camp David agreements, the agreement which provided the Zionist entity with the green light to play with the fate of the Umma.

An earlier post discussed Dr. El-Naggar’s talk at a Dubai cultural forum attended by a member of the Dubai ruling family.

Dr. El-Naggar is most famous in the Islamic world as a proponent of “Bucailleism”, a kind of Islamic creationism that sees in the Koran signs of future scientific breakthroughs. According to a 2002 WSJ article, Dr. El-Naggar is also the mentor of Sheikh Abdul Majeed Zindani who is wanted by the United States in connection with his support of Al Qaeda in Yemen and is also said to be the “spiritual mentor” to Osama Bin Laden. Dr. El-Naggar was extensively profiled in a previous post which details other antisemitic activities.

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