Kuwaiti Media Says Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood To Expand International Operations


MEMRI has translated a Kuwaiti media report which says that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood plans to expand its international operations. According to the translated report:

The Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai reports on a reorganization plan for the Muslim Brotherhood movement, aimed at stepping up the movement’s activity in the international arena, as well as weakening Egypt’s hegemony so that movement members in Egypt will be less at risk. According to the report, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt General Guide Muhammad Bad’i will become global general guide, and the organization will strive to serve as an alternative to Al-Qaeda.

Source: Al-Rai, Kuwait, August 22, 2010

When discussing the international operations of the Muslim Brotherhood, it should always be noted that there is a distinction between the “International Organization” of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and what is referred to here as the Global Muslim Brotherhood. An earlier post detailed what is known about the Muslim Brotherhood “International Organization”, essentially the guidance body for the Middle Eastern Brotherhood organizations.

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