European Muslim Brotherhood Opposes Mideast Peace Negotiations


The Federation of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE), the umbrella group for the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has posted a statement signed by 21 Palestinian organizations opposing the current MIdeast peace negotiations sponsored by the US. The statement begins:

The Palestinian organizations and groups in Europe, who have signed on this statement, express their extreme concern over the quickening steps taken by authorities in Jericho, at the start of direct negotiations with the government of the occupation in the American capital city of Washington, without delegation from the Palestinian people and their live force who have rights in this issue. Embarking on the new course of negotiations that were initiated in Washington, is in content and form without precedence as an example of irresponsible political performance, shown in the complete acquiescence to the conditions of Netanyahu and his government. Without doubt the new negotiations in Washington represent an escalation of a methodology that has proved its failure over the past twenty years, only resulting in a cover-up of the killings, sieges and displacements, as well as the judaization of Jerusalem and emptying it of its rightful residents, building more camps, building the wall, demolishing houses and expelling our families from within and confiscating their lands; a series of events which entail waiving the rights of the Palestinian people. No possibility of securing the rights of the Palestinian people or a reply to their legitimate requests looms on the horizon today, due to the conditions and specifications of the new negotiations. The Palestinian organizations and groups in Europe, who have signed on this petition, warn that negotiating, especially in light of current circumstances, is a clear discarding of rights and essential norms, most prominent of which is the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their cities and villages from which they were forcefully displaced.

Read the rest here.

The signatories to the statement are largely the same organization involved with the 8th Palestinians in Europe Conference recently held in Berlin and are generally tied to the European Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas. The most prominent of these is the Palestinian Return Centre in the UK discussed in various posts as behind the European Campaign to End the Siege On Gaza (ECESG), the European Muslim Brotherhood front organization for the Gaza flotilla movement.

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