Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Members Say They Are Exploited In Service Of Group’s Leader


Egyptian media is reporting on complaints by Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members who have been tasked with providing security for the group’s Supreme Guide. According to a report by Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Muslim Brotherhood members are being tasked with providing security for Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie’s Beni Suef villa, according to a Facebook page “Don’t discuss it, you’re a Muslim Brotherhood member,” which was created to document the brotherhood’s disadvantages. One Brotherhood member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said two men had an accident on their way home from guarding the villa because they were overtired and drove their motorcyle into the Nile. One was killed and the other injured, the source said. The administrative office official in Beni Suef asked me to be in charge of the villa security from sunset until 7 am,” one Facebook user posted on the page, saying the decision to use members as security guards was made four months ago after the villa was burglarized. “I imagined that this would last for one or two weeks, or a month at the most, until a guard from a security company was hired, the villa was sold, or an appropriate apartment was bought instead in a safer place,” he said, describing the villa as east of the Nile and bordered by the desert on three sides. “I’m wondering about this: How could the brotherhood be able to buy a villa in Moqattam for LE10 million and hire a security company for protection and be unable to hire a company for the Beni Suef villa security?” he continued. “What saddens me is that most of the brotherhood members in charge of the security are from families with low incomes. They have to go to their jobs directly after their security shifts end,” he wrote.  “What if the security members were killed by armed people?” Abdel Azim Darwish, a member of the guidance bureau who is in charge of the Beni Suef administrative office, refused to speak to Al-Masry Al-Youm for this article.

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