Ghannouchi Says Reconciliation The Way To “Liberate The Palestinian Lands”


Hamas media is reporting that Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Ghannouchi has said that “reconciliation between Palestinian factions is the idealist way to liberate the Palestinian lands.” According to an Alresalah News report:

Gaza,(—Rashid Al-Ghannoushi, the head  of Alnahda Tunisian Islamic movement, said that the reconciliation between Palestinian factions is the idealist way to liberate the Palestinian lands. Al-Ghannoushi said, “The Palestinian cause is in an extreme need for the reconciliation especially these days.”  Al-Ghannoushi stated that the Arab Spring in addition to the people’s awakening will all be in the interest of the Palestinian cause and the Islamic sanctuaries.  He deprecated the Jewish settlers’ mosque-burning campaign and the continuous attacks on Islamic religious sites.  He also confirmed that no Muslim could accept what happens  in Alaqsa Mosque and other mosques. Al-Ghannoushi congratulated the Palestinian people for completing the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, considering it the pride of Palestinians and the whole Islamic Nation. “Our Islamic religion invites us to release our prisoners in whatever way, and this is exactly what happened in the exchange deal. Palestinians simply afford a lot in order to see the prisoners free.” He added. He wishes all the Palestinian prisoners could be released.  Al-Ghannoushi confessed that Arabs and Muslims should respect the Palestinian cause. “The Tunisian people will provide supportive to the Palestinian cause,” he finally emphasized.

Rachid Ghannouchi (many spelling variations) is the leader of the Tunisian Islamist movement known as Nahda (aka Ennahda, Al Nahda) and can best be described as an independent Islamist power center who is tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood though his membership in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) and his important position in the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), both organizations led by Global Muslim Brotherhood Youssef Qaradawi. An Egyptian news report has identified Ghannouchi  as a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood “abroad.” Ghannouchi is also one of the founding members of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a Saudi organization closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and dedicated to the propagation of “Wahabist” Islam throughout the world. Ghannouchi is known for his thinking on the issue of Islam and citizenship rights. Earlier postsreported on the return of Mr. Ghannouchi to Tunisia following his long exile in the UK. Other posts have detailed his extremist background.


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