Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Website Posts Article Describing Israel As “A Cancer That Must Be Eradicated”


Posted on an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Web site, Palestinian “journalist” Khalid Amayreh has written the latest in a series of viscously  anti-Semitic articles titled “We can make peace with Israel, if you can make peace with cancer.” The article begins:

 By now, and given Israel’s brazen lebensraum policies in the West Bank,along with its Shamelessly bellicose regional behavior, it should be amply clear that reaching a stable, durable and genuine peace with the Jewish state is out of question, at least for the foreseeable future. Israel is fast becoming a Talmudic state, or a state guided by the pornographically racist Talmudic principles, whereby non-Jews, including billions of Christians and Muslims, are viewed as non-human beings. Don’t be beguiled by the Zionist hasbara, which morphs the black into white and the big lie into a ‘truth.’ Pay more attention to what Israel does, not what Israel says, because Israel is intrinsically mendacious. Israel after all is itself a big lie, a gigantic war crime, and a scandalous aberration in the history of humanity. A prominent Jewish religious leader with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers was audacious enough to claim several months ago that non-Jews were actually donkeys or beasts of burden, created by the Almighty so that they may serve the master race, the chosen people: The Jews. His remarks, which one would mistake for a quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf, raised no eyebrows in Israel as most Israelis probably thought he was only stating the obvious. But the real danger goes behind hateful homilies and edicts by Talmudic maniacs. An even more horrible scenario could occur when the followers of such rabbis and like-minded Israelis take control of Israel’s formidable nuclear arsenal. The prospect of these genocidal fanatics taking command of Israel’s stockpile of nuclear bombs and warheads is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ it will happen. Israel is not what it was in the past, Israel is going Talmudic and it can’t be both Talmudic and democratic, regardless of the hasbara rubbish we keep hearing that Israel is both a Jewish and democratic state. In short, with a lethal combination of political extremism, military pugnacity, a phenomenal armament with conventional and nuclear weapons, which is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the late 1930s, and a virulent religious ideology that differs little from the Nazi doctrine, Israel looks irredeemably fascist.

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For those without sufficient patience to suffer through the entire article, the conclusion is worth noting as it calls for the “eradication” of Israel:

Now the Jews are paying off the debt by inciting the gullible and notoriously ignorant Christo-Nazis, also known as evangelical Christians, to wage a global holocaust against Muslims! I am not inventing things or spreading canards. A fleeting glance at the Israeli press would illustrate the horrible extent of Jewish Islamophobia these days. To conclude, one must be honest and frank and refrain from mincing words. Israel is a real cancer which if left unchecked will plague the entire region from the Nile to the Euphrates. And by definition, cancer must be eradicated, or else, it would eradicate you. The writing’s on the wall.

In previous articles for the Egyptian Brotherhood website, Mr. Amayreh has called Israel a “sick and cannibalistic society that is as bestial as Nazi Germany was during the Holocaust” , accused Israel of the “wanton slaughter of children [which]occurs each day and every day of the year, and called Jews “a cancer on the world.” In the article in question from July 15, Mr. Amayreh accused “Zionist Jews of spreading venomous hatred against Islam and concludes that “a real alliance is being forged between Zionism and European neo-Nazism.” The article opens by accusing “Zionist Jews” of inciting genocidal hatred against Muslims using “the Jewish controlled media and show biz.” In July 2010, Mr. Amayreh repeated he centuries old claim that today’s Jews are not descended from the ancient Middle East. A previous post discussed the deception and deceit employed in the denial by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood front website that Mr. Amayrah’s writings are anti-Semitic.

A post from 2010 traced the Ikhwanophobia website to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood through analysis of its hosting service. Today, however, the site is openly registered to the  Egyptian Brotherhood.

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