Martin Kramer On Muslim Brotherhood Experts


Analyst Martin Kramer has posted what he calls “memorable quotes” about the prospects for the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood prior to the election of its candidate as president: 

  • Marc Lynch (George Washington University-) “Muslim Brotherhood putting forward a presidential candidate “will reveal itself to be a strategic blunder”
  • Tom Friedman (NYT)- “The popular trend is not with the Muslim Brotherhood”
  • Juan Cole (University of Michigan)- “that almost certainly hurt the chances of the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections”
  • Steven Cook (Council on Foreign Relations)- “The Islamists are in some ways compromised. They came late to the demonstrations”
  • Michele Dunne (Carnegie Endowment- “very unlikely that there would be an Islamist president in Egypt”
  • Max Fisher (editor Atlantic Magazine)- “Not only is the Brotherhood less popular among Egyptians today than Nixon was among Americans right before he resigned

 GMBDW notes that this group represents some of the best known “go to” commentators on issues relating to the Muslim Brotherhood some of whom also representing organizations advising the Obama Administration on policy.


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