Mohamed Elibiary Claims DHS Promotion; Reviews Showed Ties To US Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Infrastructure


A number of blogs have been reporting the apparent promotion of US Department of Homeland Security Advisor Mohamed Elibiary within the US Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council.  On September 12, the following item appeared on Mr. Elibiary’ s Twitter feed:

I’m honored to be reappointed to Secretary’s Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) and promoted to Sr. Fellow position. 

Begging the question of the responsibility of a DHS “Senior Fellow”, it is a good time to note that the GMBDW has done a fairly extensive review of Mr. Elibiary’s background that was first reported by us in October 2010. That reviewed revealed that Mr. Elibiary’ was the founder , CEO, and President of the Freedom and Justice Foundation (FJF), A Texas organization whose Advisory Council was  composed of members of known to be associated with the Islamic Association of North Texas which operates the Dallas Central Mosque (DCM). Both organizations are known to be associated with the US Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas infrastructure in the US including the now defunct Holy Land Foundations (HLF).  In June 2012, we reposted the review of Mr. Elibiary’s background after the Huffington Post published and article which cited Mr. Elibiary as claiming that his name “has been dragged through the mud”  by U.S. Congressional representatives identified him as a potential example of Muslim Brotherhood influence inside the U.S. government. At that time, we had to reconstruct many of the links which had been scrubbed from the FJF website. (At this point in time, although it is still active. the FJP website is completely devoid of content.)

The GMBDW review of Mr. Elibiary’s background begins: 

According to an archived version of the organization’s web page, Mohamed Elibiary is known to have been the founder, President, and CEO of the Freedom and Justice Foundation (FJF). On an another archived webpage, Mr. Elibiary described his background: 

“Prior to co-founding F&J, Mohamed spent seven years in the Banking and I.T. industries with a background in Management and Network Engineering. Mohamed grew up in Far North Dallas attending Richardson schools from elementary to college, and was a starting left midfielder for the UT-Dallas Soccer Team. Mohamed has been married to his lifelong companion since 1996, and they have three beautiful daughters.” 

However, California public records state that he is divorced from Nehal El-Ramly who is currently listed as a member of the board of directors of the Freedom and Justice Foundation (FJF). (See Note 1) The FJF website previously stated that Mr. Elibiary had earned several certifications from an unidentified Islamic University on issues related to Islamic Law and Governance and it should be noted that another FJF Trustee was reported to be a graduate of the University of Medina, known to be a center of for the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia. The FJF site goes on previously described Mr. Elibiary’s occupation as a: 

“…National Security Policy Analyst, has been advising Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies (ex. FBI, DHS, NCTC, ODNI, etc.) on various Counter-Terrorism (CT) issues (ex. Domestic Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Information Sharing and Radicalization)” 

The site also said that he was a 2008-2009 Fellow at the University of Southern California (USC) American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI), a joint program through USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture and Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown is directed by longtime global Muslim Brotherhood supporter John Esposito

In 2008, Mr. Elibiary harshly criticized the Hamas terrorism financing convictions of the Holy Land Foundation defendants calling them “a policy of denying our civil liberties”: 

“The U.S. government won a resounding court victory last Monday, convicting all the Palestinian HLF defendants on all “material support” charges leveled against them. Yet in the grand scheme of things, our government’s policy of denying our civil liberties and privacy at home while pursuing a cold war “containment” policy that often turns into a hot war for “regime change” has left thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands maimed, trillions of taxpayer dollars squandered and our homeland more vulnerable than ever. A myopic view might wish to celebrate the HLF verdict, but the big picture clearly shows a continuing loss for America.”

Read the rest here.

In May, the GMBDW reported that Mr. Elibiary advocated a reduced role for the FBI and its prosecution efforts while praising DHS for working with Islamic groups:



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