Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Vow To Hold Rallies Targeting Israeli/Egyptian Cooperation


A Middle Eastern news portal is reporting that supporters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are promising to hold rallies targeting Israel and Egyptian-Israeli cooperation. According to a report by Staff | 10.25.13 3:40 pm After weeks of reports that participation was falling at Brotherhood-driven demonstrations, Islamist supporters of Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood-linked president Mohammed Morsi are promising to hold rallies explicitly targeting Israel and Egyptian-Israeli cooperation.

‘Sinai is witnessing continuous attacks on the homes of local people by coup troops who are trying to establish a buffer zone to protect their Zionist friends,’ the statement said…’The legitimate president supported our just cause in Palestine, this is why they turned against him and ousted him by force. He was resilient and was framed with charges usually used by Zionists against the resistance, i.e. he was accused of spying for Hamas,’ the statement continued.

The upcoming week of protests has been dubbed by organizers as ‘Suez resilience, our way to Jerusalem,’ a rhetorical move designed to highlight Islamic claims to all of Jerusalem after a recent speech by interim President Adly Mansour mentioning ‘East Jerusalem.’ The Associated Press reported that there was a large protest inside Cairo and scattered ones across the rest of the country. Meanwhile there are signs that the army-backed government is expanding its efforts to uproot the Brotherhood’s presence inside Egyptian institutions, now targeting Brotherhood members inside Egypt’s security forces. If confirmed, the efforts will be read as part of a broader decapitation campaign being conducted by the military against the Brotherhood. The degree to which such a campaign can succeed or is succeeding has been a contentious topic of debate in foreign policy circles. Washington Institute fellow Eric Trager recently outlined three different endgame scenarios describing three different responses from rank-and-file Brotherhood members. Critically, Trager all three scenarios would have the Brotherhood collapsing as a coherent organization operating inside Egypt’s borders.

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