Saudi Arabia Bans Muslim Brotherhood Books From Riyadh International Book Fair


In a continuation of what appears to be a Saudi Arabian campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood, a Turkish Internet news portal is reporting that the Saudi king has ordered that books published by Muslim Brotherhood-related publishers will be banned from tomorrows Riyadh International Book Fair. According to a World Bulletin report:

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

March 3, 2014 Books published by the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood will have no place in tomorrow’s Riyadh International Book Fair in Saudi Arabia, upon the orders of King Abdullah Bin Abdel-Aziz. While 900 publishing houses from 32 countries are due to participate in the fair, the Saudi authorities have vowed to prevent banned books that ‘threatens security or incites to violence and misleading ideas’ from making their way into the fair. Deputy Information Minister Abdel-Aziz Al-Okail was quoted by the Middle East Monitor saying: ‘Whatever violates the religious and political principles of the Kingdom is considered banned, whether it belongs to a country or a party.’ Muslim Brotherhood related publishers will be among 350 publishers barred from participating in the book fair ‘for failure to abide by the fair’s criteria and conditions.'”

The GMBDW reported last week that that Saudi Arabia had threatened to close its border and airspace with Qatar if Doha doesn’t stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. In early February, the Saudi official news agency reported that the Saudi King had issued a royal decree specifying prison terms for those “involved in hostilities outside the Kingdom” or who join “radical religious and intellectual groups or currents.” It remains to be seen whether the decree applies to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brothers were instrumental in the founding of the Saudi  World Assembly of Muslim Youth and the Muslin World League, both organizations being historically close to the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

For a useful history of the tumultuous and sometimes difficult to understand relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Global Muslim Brotherhood, go here.

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