Hamas Official Says Israel Kills Palestinian Children To Collect Their Blood For Passover Rituals


The Hamas Al-Aqsa TV channel has featured an interview with senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil in which he joined other Hamas/Global Muslim Brotherhood leader who have accused Jews of using human blood to make Matzoh (substitute for bread used during the Jewish holiday of Passover). According to a MEMRI translation of the interview:

November 26, 2015 Clip No. 5187 Senior Hamas Official Al-Bardawil: Jews Kill Palestinian Children in Order to Knead Their Blood into Passover Bread

In a November 26, 2015 interview on the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV channel, Salah Al-Bardawil, a Hamas leader in Gaza, said that the Jews had ‘ancient biblical beliefs, which instructed them to kill children and collect their blood, in order to knead it into the bread that is eaten on Passover.’ ‘This is the killing of a Palestinian child in order to collect his blood and to knead it into the bread they eat,’ he said.

Following are excerpts:

Salah Al-Bardawil: Why does the Zionist enemy, with all its might, execute Palestinian children – especially Palestinian girls? I can tell you that there are six reasons for this – not just one reason, but six. The first reason for the targeting of Palestinian children has to do with faith. The Zionist entity subscribes to false biblical doctrines – especially today, when we are experiencing so-called extremism. But this is a typical Jewish situation, which is in harmony with the biblical-Zionist history and faith. This is manifest in the Quran, which quoted the Jews as saying: ‘kill the sons of the belivers’ [Quran 40:25]. Thus, they subscribe to a principle of faith, which they must implement, and kill the sons of the believers.

Why not kill the believers? Why kill their sons? The killing of the sons of the believers – or, to be clearer, the killing of the Palestinian children – stem from children being weaker and thus easier to kill than adults. This is a cowardly enemy, which fears retaliation, and therefore it targets the weaker, still accomplishing the goal of reducing the number of Palestinians.


In addition, they have beliefs which they have tried to conceal from the world. I am referring to the ancient biblical beliefs, which instructed [the Jews]to kill children and collect their blood, in order to knead it into the bread that is eaten on Passover. This is the killing of a Palestinian child in order to collect his blood, and knead it into the bread they eat. Today, they are trying to say that these things never happened, and that it was a joke or a lie, but these are the facts of history. Anyone reading about their history will find this there.


According to his profile, Salah Al-Bardawil is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a Professor in Faculty of Arts at the Islamic University in Gaza City, holding a PhD in Palestinian Literature. He is also the Official Speaker of HAMAS in Khan Younis.

The claim that Jews uses human blood for making of Matzoh is an example of what is called “blood libel”, the accusations that Jews use human blood in religious rituals. (Historically these are accusations that the blood of Christian children is especially coveted and date back to the 1st Century .

In August 2012, we reported that Saudi cleric Salman Al-Awda had also given a TV interview in which he made the same accusation as well as other antisemitic claims.

In April 2010, we reported that Dr. Salah Sutan made the same claim also during a TV interview on Al-Aqsa TV.

Salah Al-Bardawil
Salah Al-Bardawil

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