Qaradawi Organization Scholar Calls Jews The “Enemy Of Mankind”


In an Arabic-language interview featured on Saudi Al-Majd TV, Palestinian scholar Samir Said called the Jews “the enemy of mankind” who “have a criminal and Satanic nature.” According to the MEMRI notes accompanying the translation, Samir is a member of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS):

January 22, 2016 In a January 22 Al-Majd TV interview, Palestinian scholar Samir Said talked about what he called the ‘criminal and Satanic nature’ of the Jews and said that they were ‘the enemies of Mankind,’ who had ‘killed 70 prophets in a single day.’ Said is a member of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS).

Following are excerpts:

Interviewer: Let’s talk about the well-known history of Jewish crimes, since the days of the Israelites, and their crimes against the most noble people of those times – the prophets and messengers, against whom they committed grave crimes, including killings and assassinations. Let’s talk about the history of detentions by the Jews.

Samir Said: First, we must note that the Jews really are the enemies of Mankind. They are the enemies of the prophets and messengers, according to the Quran. Therefore, they killed prophets, according to numerous verses. They killed 70 prophets in a single day, buried them in their well, and then they immediately went to work at their markets – their vegetable market and other markets. The Jews have a criminal and Satanic nature. They do not care about other people, only about their worldly interests. They consider all the other nations of this world to be Gentiles, or in other words, donkeys to ride on.

Interviewer: Everybody?

Samir Said: Yes, Muslims, Christians. Everybody. They view all of Mankind this way. They ride them, in order to achieve the goals of the Jews in the world. If you check history, you will find that they even poisoned the Prophet Muhammad and killed him.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) was launched on July 11, 2004 in conjunction with a visit by Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef  Qaradawi to London for a meeting of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. Qaradawi is the IUMS President while  many prominent individuals tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas serve as IUMS Trustees. Among those trustees are other notorious anti-Semites such as Salah Sultan who, along with other such pronouncements, has accused Jews of using Christian blood for Matzoh (substitute for bread used during the Jewish holiday of Passover) in an example of what is called “blood libel”, the accusations that Jews use human blood in religious rituals. IUMS leader Qaradawi has his own history of virulently anti-Semitic and other extremist statements such as calling Hitler a divine punishment for the “misdeeds of the Jews.” The GMBDW reported yesterday that Tariq Ramadan, a leader in the Global Muslim Brotherhood widely described as “moderate” has officially been a member of Qaradawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) since 2014.

For a profile of the IUMS go here.

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