Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Marks Birth Of Israel; Calls For “Liberation” Of Palestine


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement marking this year’s Nakba (Catastrophe) Day by referring to “Zionist usurpers” and calling on Arabs and Muslims everywhere to support the “liberation” of Palestine.” According to the statement:

May 15, 2016 On this day, sixty-eight years ago (May 15, 1948), the United Nations issued its fateful resolution No. 181 for the partition of Palestine, granting what it never owned to Zionist usurpers, and condescendingly handing down the original owners and residents a little bit of their own land.

This unjust resolution was the culmination of a more catastrophic and painful stage for the Palestinian people, since the issuance of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 promising a national home for the Jews on the land of Palestine.

Since then, Zionist gangs executed mass expulsions of the defenseless Palestinian people, currently over six million refugees around the world. Zionists have committed more than two hundred and fifty horrific massacres of civilian Palestinians since 1937, and destroyed more than 500 Palestinian villages. Zionists also launched a heinous campaign of Judaization of Palestine and all its landmarks.

Nakba (meaning the Catastrophe) coincided with a fierce campaign against Islamic jihad or struggle for the liberation of Palestine, fought by all patriots and honorable people in the Arab world – including the Muslim Brotherhood. But soon the group’s fighters, leaders and members were thrown in jail. Quickly, the powers that be issued rulings to dissolve the group. And its leader Imam Hassan Al-Banna was assassinated in cold blood.

Now, general Sisi the traitorous putschist is repeating the same scenario, to give the Zionists the rest of Palestine and even the Gaza Strip and the Sinai.

History will not forget that Arab rulers squandered Palestine and contributed to the tragic Nakba, then fortified the occupying enemy with so-called ‘peace’ agreements that protected borders with neighboring countries. However, hope generated by the resistance in the hearts of the nation, embraced by generations of Arabs, is reclaim all Arab and Muslim rights.

As the Muslim Brotherhood faces an unprecedented campaign of aggression today, it reiterates that the cause of Palestinian will continue to be its own cause and the main cause for all Arabs and Muslims everywhere, and that the way to liberate Palestine is indeed the path of resistance and struggle. This is our pledge and vow for Al-Quds Mosque (Jerusalem), Islam’s third holiest shrine.

In May 2013 the GMBDW reported on what the US-based Anti-Defamation League called “contemptuous” statements by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  on the occasion of Nakba Day commemorations.

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