Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says US & Europe Planing To Occupy Arab World As Response To New Ice Age


Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood leader Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani has claimed in a 2013 TV interview that the US and Europe are planning to militarily occupy the Arab world to save themselves from a new Ice Age. According to a MEMRI translation of the interview, Al-Zindani had predicted this Ice Age was to begin in 2015:

June 6, 2016 Clip No. 5520 Yemeni Cleric Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani: A New Ice Age Started in 2014 in Europe and the U.S., So They Want to Occupy the Arab World Militarily

Yemeni cleric Sheikh Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani said the migration of birds from Europe to the Arab world, from the U.S. to South America, and from Russia to its south was an indication that these countries would become uninhabitable in 15-20 years. Interviewed on the Yemeni Suhail TV channel, Al-Zindani said that in 2013, there had been a consensus among scientists ‘that the next Ice Age would begin [in those countries]in 2014.’ ‘We are ready to come to an understanding about these problems… but this must not be through military occupation,’ he said. The interview aired on June 6, 2016.

Sheikh Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani: ‘I am going to speak about something that I know very well. Europe and the US are afraid. Their scientific institutes are speaking about this. I watched a film about bird migration. According to this film, there are birds that are now migrating from Europe to the Arab world from the United States and South America and from Russia to countries to the south. They say that this is a warning… They say that this is the work of nature but who created these migrating birds? Who guided them where to migrate? They say that these birds are declaring that the countries will become uninhabitable in 15-20 years. Where will the peoples of these countries go? They will come to us and do you think they will ask for permissions?’

Host: ‘But sheikh, do you think that in 15 years the climate will change to such an extent or will it take longer than that?’

Sheikh Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani: ‘Climate change has been studied for 500 years – first in Europe then in America and in Australia. They disagreed on when this will start. There were different approaches and serious disputes until 2000 when the gap between the estimates of the various scientists began to narrow. It kept growing narrower until 2013 when all the scientists, the scientific institutes, and the leaders agreed that the next Ice Age would begin in 2014. And indeed, it began in 2014. They announced this. It has started. Shouldn’t this motivate us to think and to reach an understanding with them? We do not want them to die. Our peoples seek the wellbeing of the entire world. We are ready to come to an understanding about these problems and about how to act in a right way but this must not be through military occupation. They draw up publicized plans according to which the military occupation will take place in 2015. This is what we are seeing.’

Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani is a leader of the Al-Islah Party in Yemen, identified by an Israeli research center as the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen. The US Treasury Department designated Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani as a terrorist in 2004, describing him as a “loyalist” and “spiritual advisor” to Osama Bin Laden. In addition to his leadership of the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, Zindani also has strong links to the global Muslim Brotherhood including serving on the board of global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi’s Union of Good Hamas fund-raising organization and through his relationship to Muslim Brotherhood figure Zaghloul el-Naggar of Egypt. The connection with El-Naggar is based on both men’s position as leading exponents of the so-called “scientific basis of Islam.” As a report by the  Jamestown report explains:

Al-Zindani is also a leading exponent of the scientific basis for Islam, as outlined in various passages of the Quran that the sheikh interprets as descriptions of everything from black holes to photosynthesis. Last December, al-Zindani, a former pharmacist, claimed to have developed a cure for HIV/AIDS. Unlike other HIV/AIDS medicines, the sheikh’s discovery allegedly has no side effects while eliminating the disease in men, women and even fetuses. Al-Zindani asserts that he will reveal the herbal formula for “Eajaz-3” once a copyright has been obtained. Although the sheikh claims the inspiration of his creation “came from God,” no proof of the cure’s effectiveness has yet been presented (Yemen Observer, December 19, 2006). In the last few months, five Libyan children receiving treatment for HIV at al-Zindani’s al-Iman University have been deported in response to allegations of Libyan assistance to Shiite rebels in Yemen’s Sa’ada province (Yemen Observer, March 6; Terrorism Focus, February 20).

Al-Zindani’s latest musings on climate change would appear to be in line with his level of scientific expertise demonstrated above. In October 2012, Al-Ziondani’s colleague Zaghloul El-Naggar demonstrated an equal level of expertise when he recommended the consumption of camel urine as a remedy for incurable disease.

A 2007 Jamestown Foundation report further explained Zindani’s terrorist activities.

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