Italian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Draws Criticism Over Support For Legalizing Polygamy


The leader of an Islamic umbrella group in Italy has drawn criticism over his Facebook comments in support of legalizing polygamy. According to a Google translated Austrian media report:

August 8, 2016 The Union of Islamic Communities and Organisations in Italy (UCOII) is known for controversial positions. Now, its founder, Hamza Piccardo, provided with a radical demand for an outcry: Italy should legalize polygamy, he wrote at the weekend on his Facebook page.

Background is a controversial new law in Italy – as the last Western European country – allowed same-sex unions. It entered into force in late July. At the weekend the first homosexual couples have then sealed their partnership. In the city of Turin two seniors aged 82 and 79 years were married about the first homosexual couple who had been waiting for this moment for more than 50 years.

‘When it comes to civil rights here, then polygamy is a civil right. Muslims do not agree with homosexual partnerships, and yet they have to accept a system that allows ‘Piccardo wrote in response to the partnering events. There was no reason why Italy plural marriages of persons who are agree should not accept.

The demand met with outrage. ‘Centuries of fighting for women’s rights can not simply be brushed aside,’ said about Debora Serracchiani, deputy chairman of the Democratic Party (PD) of Premier Matteo Renzi and President of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. ‘Polygamy has nothing to do with civil rights.’

The xenophobic Lega Nord vehemently protested. ‘This is the moderate Islam, with which the Italian government intends to keep the dialogue open,’ said polemically the Northern League MEP Paolo Grimoldi.

Already in 2007, had made a similar attempt by a representative of UCOII for excitement. At that time also more moderate Islamic organizations had opposed the legalization of polygamy. (APA / red.)

( ‘Die Presse’, print edition, 08.08.2016)”

The Unione delle Comunità Islamic d’Italia (UCOII) is thought to be the largest Islamic umbrella group in Italy and dominated by groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

For background on the UCOII, go here.

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