In our post from Tuesday titled “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not My Friend”, we wrote the following with respect to a reader communication to us that asserted “The White House IS teeming with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and GMBW should know that better than others”:

…we believe that “teeming” is a highly exaggerated as we count only two such individuals currently serving in a White House capacity- Rashad Hussain, who actually serving currently at the State Department, and Huma Abedin the aide to Hillary Clinton whose known ties to Islamism run from her family and not to Ms. Abedin herself (with the except of appearing on the masthead of the family journal.)

We are somewhat perplexed that we forgot to include Zaki Barzinji, the grandson of a US Muslim Brotherhood founder, who was recently appointed as the new liaison to the Muslim American community under the White House Office of Public Engagement. The omission might be understandable if it were not for the fact we covered his appointment extensively at the time it was made! In any event, the addition of Zaki Barzinji brings the total of individuals with direct ties to the US Muslim Brotherhood working in a White House capacity to a grand total of two, three depending on how one views Huma Abedin. Two or three is still far from “teeming” and both Mr. Hussain and Mr. Barzinji are working in roles involving outreach to Muslim communities, both in the US and abroad, as opposed to serving in direct intelligence or defense related positions. Neither one would seem to bolster the notion that the Muslim Brotherhood “controls the decision-making process for the US national security apparatus” as the same reader alleged.

We do apologize for our unforgivable oversight in neglecting to include Zaki Barzinji in the post.

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