German Intelligence Official Calls Muslim Brotherhood “A Threat To Western Democratic Systems”


UK media is reporting on comments by an official of the German domestic intelligence agency regarding the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany. According to the report, Gordian Meyer-Plath said the Brotherhood wants to establish Islamic law in Germany and that the organisation “poses a threat to western democratic systems”:

February 7, 2106  Gordian Meyer-Plath claimed the Muslim Brotherhood want a ‘monopoly’ on mosques in Saxony Gordian Meyer-Plath, president of the regional department of the German domestic security and anti-terrorist organisation claimed the Muslim Brotherhood ‘have long been active in Saxony, although they were stealthy’.

The BfV anti-terror leader posed the question that when ‘a [large]number of Muslims have come to Germany, do they see a chance to expand their network beyond some central structures and become interesting for the new Muslims in Saxony?’

Right-wing groups like Pegida have protested about the construction of mosques in Germany Mr Meyer-Plath claimed that while the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany is ‘beyond jihad’ – meaning it is not directly involved with terror attacks – he says the organisation poses a threat to western democratic systems.

Mr Meyer-Plath added: ‘The Muslim Brothers still want to establish Sharia law in Germany.’

The Muslim Brotherhood currently operates in 70 countries. The group is reportedly sponsoring the construction of mosques in Germany in Dresden, Leipzig, Meissen, Riesa, Pirna, Bautzen and Goerlitz.

The security expert urged residents not to be prejudiced to people choosing to pray in these places of worship as it ‘does not mean that people who go there are necessarily being indoctrinated [into and becoming extremists]’.

He added Muslims who visit such mosques are ‘often absolutely unaware’ about the nature of the facilities because the Salafist structures are ‘cautious about what they are saying’.

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The German domestic intelligence agency has long described the Islamischen Gemeinschaft in Deutschland (IGD) (Islamic Society of Germany) as the central organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

For the historical background on the origins of the IGD, go here.

For the new GMBRC report on the long-standing Global Muslim Brotherhood, Salafi and Jihadi Alliance known as the Global Anti-Aggression Campaign (GAAC), go here.

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