East London Mosque


Hasan Afzal, the Director of the U.K. interfaith organization StandforPeace, has published an expose of extremism at the East London Mosque, headed by Muhammed Abdul Bari, the former chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). 

As the world paused on Sunday to commemorate the 9/11 terrorist attacks, much ink has been spilled over their legacy. In Muhammed Abdul Bari’s recent piece for the Huffington Post, he claims: Almost all mainstream Muslim organisations were put in the dock. Fear of Islamism was used to hide other real issues: job losses, economic insecurity, the profligacy of bankers, and so forth … Even ‘moderates’ were treated with suspicion – they could be viewed as part of the ‘conveyor belt towards extremism’. The hypocrisy is breath-taking. There is much Bari didn’t tell you about himself and his friends. Muhammed Abdul Bari is presently the chairman of the East London Mosque and a former chairman of an organisation called the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), which is based in the mosque’s London Muslim Centre. The IFE promotes extremism and aims to spread its influence through entryism. The IFE is closely connected to the political party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). JI is the South Asian equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood. It supports theocratic government and was complicit in the Bangladeshi genocide in the 1970s. The mosque’s clear links to JI are outlined in this government report (pdf). When the author, Salmon Rushdie, was knighted for his services to literacy, Bari told the Daily Telegraph that Rushdie’s book of fiction, The Satanic Verses, “should have been pulped”. Why is it that Bari’s perception of freedom of speech only goes one way? Under his leadership of the Muslim Council of Britain, Bari’s organisation boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day, raising the spurious argument that: “It should be inclusive, commemorating all massacres.”. Holocaust Memorial Day has, in fact, consistently commemorated a wide range of genocides. I’m sure readers of this blog will pick up on the irony that in the very same interview, Bari warned against Britain becoming like Nazi Germany. Whilst Chairman of the East London Mosque, the Mosque gave a controversial Saudi hate preacher his own plaque (pdf). The Saudi hate preacher in question was Abdul Rahman al Sudais. Here is what Sudais thinks of Jewish people: Read the history to know that yesterday’s Jews are evil predecessors and today’s Jews are worse successors. They an ingrate people, they altered God’s words, worshipped calf, killed Messengers and denied their Messages. They are exiled people and the worst of mankind. Allaah cursed them and cast His wrath upon them. He turned some of them to monkeys and pigs and worshippers of creatures. They are worst in position and are astray from the right path. History of Jews is full of deception, trickery, rebellion, oppression, evil and corruption. They always seek to cause mischief on the earth and Allaah loves not the mischief-makers.

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