GMB Wiki


One of the signature characteristics of the Global Muslim Brotherhood is the constant creation of organizations which are linked to each by interlocking leadership and made up of the same set of individuals that rarely changes. In order to keep up with and to analyze this network, the GMBDW is introducing a new and exciting feature which we are calling “The GMB Wiki” and which is intended to be the world’s first full cross-referenced guide to the leaders and organizations of the Global Muslim Brotherhood. As you browse through the information, please realize that with limited resources, each page can only scratch the surface of the relevant individual or organization and that some are blank at the current time. We hope that as time (and funding) allow, the GMB Wiki will grow into the complex database necessitated by an organizational structure as complex and as widespread as the Global Muslim Brotherhood. The GMBDW also wishes to reminds its readers that your donations will allow us to continue to work on and greatly expand the GMB Wiki!

The following individuals and organizations have varying degrees of ties, links, and associations with the Global Muslim Brotherhood and have been featured in Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch posts. If a particular group or individual does not yet have any associated data, please continue to check as we are adding information as fast as time and funds permit.

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