Ibrahim Brian Hewitt


 An online profile provides biographical detail about Ibrahim Hewitt: 

Ibrahim Hewitt is the Senior Editor of MEMO [Middle East Monitor]. He is a media and education consultant and has been the chairman of Interpal, the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, a British charity, since 1997. A school inspector, he is also the Head of Al-Aqsa School in Leicester. He was awarded the Alija Izetbekovic Award for Citizenship at the Muslim News Awards for Excellence ceremony in 2005, and received an Honorary Doctorate from the Islamic University in Gaza in 2011 for his support for the people of Palestine and the development of the university.

It should be noted that the Islamic University in Gaza is an important center for Hamas activity. Mr. Hewitt is also a trustee of the International Board of Educational Research and Resources (IBERR), a little known organization headquartered in South Africa. IBERR was founded by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and distributes Islamic educational material around the world. An IBERR website identifies IBERR members including some prominent names from the global Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to Mr. Islam and Mr. Hewitt, these include: 

  • Fathi Malkawi (IIIT) 

Mr. Hewitt was also the Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) from 2004-2006. The MCB is a U.K. umbrella group is dominated by the Pakistani-based Islamist group known as the Jaamat-I-Islami that is itself closely tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood and the MCB usually acts in concert with the Global Brotherhood.