Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood


Extremist statements made by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood include:

  • Praising Turkey’s decision to expel the Israeli ambassador and calling on Jordan and Egypt to do the same. 

  • Demanding punishment for those in Jordan who may have warned Israel about the terror attacks in Eilat.

  • Calling the French ban on full face veils “the beginning of a dangerous battle.”

  • Suggesting that Israel might be behind a bomb attack on an Egyptian Coptic church.

  • Support for Sudanese President Omar al- Bashir, accused by the International Criminal Court of genocide in Sudan. 

  • Calling on Palestinians to begin a “Third Intifada.”

  • Calling for martyrdom over religious sites in Israel.

  • Opposing a U.N treaty on the rights of women.

  • Supporting a boycott on goods produced by “enemies of Islam.”

  • Calling for more suicide attacks against Israel.  

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