Muslim American Society


The MAS was identified in a Hudson Institute report authored by the GMBDW editor as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closely tied to the Egyptian organization.

In June 2011, the MAS announced that it was closing its political action wing, known as the Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom),  due to lack of “resources”, presumably meaning funding.The MAS website had described the MAS Freedom as follows:

MAS Freedom is a national grassroots Muslim American advocacy organization. Our mission is to advance a broad agenda for justice, freedom and peace in the United States and throughout the world through a comprehensive empowerment process which includes civic education and political engagement, coalition building, media outreach, and civil and human rights protection.MAS Freedom, through its organizational activities, contributes to the promotion of peace and social justice. It seeks to build an American Muslim community that is politically empowered, civically engaged, fully protected in the areas of civil and human rights, and able to contribute to the advancement of society, both in the United States and the world, as impacted by our nation and guided by Islamic values and beliefs.

MAS Freedom had been headed by MAS leader Mahdi Bray who was reported to be recovering from a cerebral stroke.