Egyptian Newspaper Says Obama Met With Muslim Brotherhood In Secret Meeting


An Egyptian newspaper has reported that President Obama met with members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in a secret meeting in Washington two months ago. According to a report in an Israeli newspaper:

U.S. President Barack Obama met with members of Egypt’s Islamist opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, earlier this year, according to a report in Thursday editions of the Egyptian daily newspaper Almasry Alyoum. The newspaper reported that Obama met the group’s members, who reside in the U.S. and Europe, in Washington two months ago. According to the report, the members requested that news of the meeting not be publicized. They expressed to Obama their support for democracy and the war on terror. The newspaper also reported that the members communicated to Obama their position that the Muslim Brotherhood would abide by all agreements Egypt has signed with foreign countries.

The individuals involved were not identified.

An earlier post reported that Muslim Brotherhood members from the Egyptian parliament had been invited to attend President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world today.

In December 2007, the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood denied the existence of Al Qaeda calling the organization an “American invention” while attributing Islami sectarian violence to “American Zionist tricks.”

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