U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Launches Anti-Islamaphobia Campaign


U.K. far-left media are reporting the launch of a new campaign against “Islamaphobia” called Kafa (Arabic for “enough”). According to one report, the campaign was launched by the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood and the far-left Stop the War Coalition (SWC):

Around 200 people attended the launch of Kafa (Arabic for “enough”) in east London on Friday of last week. This timely campaign against Islamophobia was called by the Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Muslim Council of Britain and others. The meeting featured speakers including George Galloway, Guardian journalist Seamus Milne , Lindsey German from Stop the War and others . The campaign was called by Stop the War, British Muslim Initiative, Muslim Council of Britain and others has brought together Muslims and non-Muslims. Kafa intends to continue by holding events and activities up and down the country.

The British Muslim Initiative is a U.K Islamic group led by long-time U.K Brotherhood leaders Anas Al-Tikriti and Azzam Tamimi, formerly leaders of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), another Brotherhood group.

The Kafa founding statement was signed by other individuals and organizations tied to the U.K Brotherhood including Mohammed Sawalha whose Hamas background was discussed in an earlier post.

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