BREAKING NEWS: Egypt Accuses Senior Brotherhood Leaders Of Planning Attacks


Global media is reporting that Egyptian authorities have accused the recently arrested senior leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood of attempting to set up training camps for staging attacks. According to one report:

Egyptian authorities have accused detained senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s biggest opposition group, of trying to set up training camps for staging attacks, the group’s lawyer said on Wednesday. Three senior officials of the Brotherhood were among 16 members rounded up early on Monday morning in the latest of a series of swoops, which the group says are aimed at disrupting preparations for parliamentary elections due later this year. … State security had also accused Brotherhood deputy leader Mohamed Ezzat and two other senior members, Essam el-Erian and Abdel-Rahman el-Bir, of setting up a body aligned with the thinking of former Brotherhood leader, Sayyed Qotb, who was executed in the 1960s and whose ideas have inspired militants. .. A source at the prosecution office said the people rounded up on Monday were being detained for 15 days for investigation but they had not been formally charged. Detention periods are often renewed many times. Brotherhood sources initially said 14 members had been detained on Monday, but later said two more were rounded up.

A post from yesterday discussed the arrest.

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