Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood Supports President In Upcoming Elections; Fields Large Number Of Candidates


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has reported that the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan is backing the current President Omar Al-Bashir, who has been charged with war crimes by the international criminal court over the Darfur conflict, and the first sitting head of state issued with an arrest warrant. According to the Brotherhood announcement which also notes the large number of candidates fielded by the Sudanese Brotherhood:

In an unprecedented move, the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan , has nominated 140 candidates to compete for seats in the country’s legislative, presidential and regional elections where nominations officially began on Saturday February 13 and will continue for 56 days ahead of the polling date scheduled to run from April 11 to April 13 Sudan’ presidential poll is a historic and unique being the first multi-party poll since 1986 where 66 parties will participate in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed on December 31, 2004 The importance of these elections in Sudan is reflected in the intense competition for the presidential seat with 12 candidates vying for the post, including former Sudanese Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahd and former southern rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Yasir Arman in addition to nine other candidates where all will be running for election. MB-backed President Omar al-Bashir, a candidate of the ruling National Congress party, is favored to win the presidential seat; the MB decision-making circles perceive him as the most suitable and eligible on the political scene today in this critical phase. Reliable sources within the group have reported that “The unity of Sudan requires a strong personality such as President Omar Al-Bashir” Sudan’s national election will witness a strong presence and wide participation by the Muslim Brotherhood including Professor Yusuf Hibir Nur Al-Da’im, Controller-General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, is the most prominent candidate in Sudan’s Election in addition to Dr. Sami Abd El Dayem Yassin, head of the MB Political Section and his deputy Dr. Essam Youssef and Sheikh Ali Gawish. A group of Female MB members, Sheikh Sadiq Abd Allah Abd Al Magid’s wife, the former Controller General of the Muslim Brotherhood Ms. Nafisa Abdul Rahman, is also among the nominees in the Sudanese elections.The prevailing electoral system and the large number of candidates is the reason for participation, according to the movement’s sources, particularly the party-list proportional representation system that is the preferred way to run as it is an outlet for the candidates in contrast to the geographical constituencies.The leading Brotherhood’s leader, Mohamed Hibr, predicted the MB victory in the upcoming election in some constituencies, particularly the MB Controller-General’s Constituency. In an exclusive statement to, Hibr revealed a good representation for the Brotherhood in many constituencies such as Sudan ‘s Kordofan state empowered them to access 50% of winning candidates.

An earlier post discussed an interview with Al-Hibir Yusuf Nur al-Dayyim (aka Yusuf Hibir Nur Al-Da’im), General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan.

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